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This is Carly,
On the darkest day of her entire life.
And as you'll read...

In the next few minutes,
She would be convinced it was the last day of her life as well.
Because as she looked through her once youthful eyes, now fenced by fine-lines and age-spots....

...And at her stomach and legs,

Now trapped behind inflated layers of fat and embarrassing cellulite

This was the first time God had given Carly the courage to weigh herself in what seemed like years,
...Only to realize that the once-slender body
of her 20’s and early 30’s was now paralyzed
with 84 MORE pounds of fat
since the last time she stepped on the scale
...Only to realize that the once-slender body of her 20’s and early 30’s was now paralyzed
with 84 MORE pounds of fat
since the last time she stepped on the scale
In the hours that followed she was greeted by the now almost daily episodes of piercing anxiety, shame and hopelessness...

...all while being consumed by venomous guilt that she was letting everybody around her down.

And while she often caught her husband looking at other women the same way he used to look at her,

She still tried her best to get her body back by trying every diet under the sun

and exercising for hours-on-end each and every day.
But it was on this day... after stepping on the scale,
that she finally realized it was all for nothing.
So as she sat there, that anxious sorrow she felt for herself...
This time, it felt more...
More severe?
- Sharper -
As though she was being pierced by each one of those emotions all at once.
She had no clue the extra had weight triggered a life-jeopardizing sequence,

Doctors now call the “Ticking-Time-Bomb” of the female metabolism...
...the recently discovered Female-Only Fault-Line Triggered in your early 20’s that hardwires your body to crave weight gain for the next 30 years of your life.
Even worse AND Surprisingly...
Nobody ever talks about how this condition quietly needles away at your immune system deliberately crippling your ability to fight off disease and maintain your figure.

Which is why Carly could barely feel her body imploding inwards on itself until it was too late.

And because for 86 to 92% of women over the age of 25,

The weight just creeps on soooo s-l-o-w-l-y while actually “stalking” your vital organs...

Then before you know it-

Your fit, healthy, happy and disease-free body is GONE and YOU are left wondering:
“What happened to the old ME!?”
But that was the least of Carly’s worries that morning...
Because little did she know, the countdown had already started,

And the fairy-tale life she pictured as a little girl would be stolen away from her in a matter of seconds.
Suddenly her fingers began to tingle while black dots shot across her eyes.
As she struggled for breath, it felt as though cement slowly flooded her legs while her knees began to buckle
And now, as if in fast-forward, she saw the tiles on the floor racing towards her face....

... screamed her husband after being startled by all 209 pounds of his wife hitting the ground.


As he ran to the bathroom, violent agony took a vice-like grip over his wife’s entire body...

“Carly, Wake Up!

What’s Happening?” he yelled with fear infused desperation.

But although her eyes were open, he could tell that behind those eyes...
There was nobody there.
She simply just lay there in flash-frozen shock,

And as Blackness slowly soaked her vision while pain transitioned to numbness...

With her husband standing over her screaming for her to say something... ANYTHING...
...she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and accepted her fate.
But fortunately for Carly, her husband, her daughter...
Carly’s story didn’t end that day.
Which is why RIGHT NOW
If you are a woman with more than 10, 15...

Or even better
20+ pounds to lose
YOU need to pay close attention ...
Because the breakthrough Carly uncovered only a couple hours later...

...Hooked up to tubes, laying in a hospital bed - Not only saved her life...

...But triggered a flood of what scientists call the weight-loss doubling molecule that lays dormant inside even the most stubborn female metabolism.
Which is why her friends, her family and even Carly’s doctor were shocked-
When this sequence not only ended her battle with hypertension, pre-diabetes, endometriosis, and even depression...
...but compelled her body to initiate a 22-hour-a-day fat burning sequence that grew stronger with each passing day!

And Carly didn't stop there...
But first allow me to let you in on another secret...

Although Carly survived that morning, that woman

The woman who stood there that day wrapped with guilt,

Drowning in depression all within a body saturated by almost 100 pounds of excess fat...
She doesn’t exist anymore...
Because the truth is,

As soon you refuse to remain the prey of corporations, TV doctors and so called “industry gurus” who make false promises to line their pockets...

AND START listening to women, like you, like me, a new woman will begin to take shape, literally....

The new you that begins to emerge.

The one that has empowered herself with her God-given, biological ability to double weight loss...

All by using something so simple, yet proven by expert-level scientists solution that allows you to reclaim control over your body, your health once and even HOW you age.
You too will join the army of women

Who are now raving fans of the female only flavor pairing solution I discovered...
The one that has already allowed 16,000 women

To lose over 100,000 pounds in the last 11 months alone.
You too will join the army of women

Who are now raving fans of the female only flavor pairing solution I discovered...
The one that has already allowed 16,000 women

To lose over 100,000 pounds in the last 11 months alone.
That’s right...

This isn’t just some advertisement.

I’m not some TV Doctor or self-proclaimed guru and I work for no one, other than the women like you for whom I live to serve .

That woman in the mirror was me...
This is MY Story.
And this is YOUR Solution.
So if you’re a woman, over the age of 25 who wants to reclaim her life inside the body she DESERVES while living her very own Cinderella story like myself and the other women you’ll meet today...

...Pay close attention and keep reading.

Because the breakthrough I discovered at the END of my weight loss failures…

Is guaranteed to be the first step in YOUR SUCCESS.
From the desk of:
Carly Donovan
Hi there.

As you now know, my name’s Carly, I was that lady and I promise to properly introduce myself in a moment.
But first,

Whether you want to believe it was God’s plan, “luck” or divine-intervention...

...Having my 209-pound, disease-saturated and confidence-starved body hit the floor that morning WAS my fate.

And to be honest,

I’m glad it happened

Because it allowed me,

A once clinically obese and exhausted pre-diabetic mother with hypertension on the verge of losing everything...
... to stumble upon this “weight-loss doubling” ritual...
That triggers a relentless fat-torching “domino-effect”
Buried deep inside even the most shattered metabolism.
As I’ll show you in the next few minutes,

It IS possible to eliminate all the years of frustration, while stamping-out the fire responsible for depression and disease,

So you too can start building the fairy-tale life you believed in when you were younger.
All it takes,
Is a diet-free solution that re-wires and re-awakens your Scientifically-Proven 22-hour-a-day weight loss magnification systems.
And even THOUGH those powerful systems went dormant for you the moment puberty ended,
Undeniable recent top-level university investigations now verify THERE IS a fat-burning “sleeping-giant” inside you and by time we are done today...

Together you and I will have given him a giant-sized kick in the butt that screams,
Together you and I will have given him a giant-sized kick in the butt that screams,
You know,

I could have never dreamed that myself, my friends and my family would watch in amazement as I doubled my weight loss each and every week for the first 21 days straight…

…Allowing me do drop a dress size every 7 days in the first 3 weeks!

But my journey didn’t end there,

In fact, fat from it

Because the truth is,
I had no idea that a 160-year-old “flavor-pairing” ritual
designed by the Planet’s Slimmest, Longest Living
and Most Disease-Resistant country...
...Could actually transform the female body into a fat-torching furnace that burns hotter with each passing moment.

While at the same time generating a “rebound weight-gain defence system”,

Making it almost biologically impossible for the fat to wickedly reappear like it always does... you know what I'm talking about...
So even though I have horrible genetics and NOTHING EVER worked for me...
....everyone round me witnessed ANOTHER 66 pounds quickly evaporate in the shortest time possible!
At almost 40 years old, I eliminated 100 pounds of confidence-stealing, energy-sucking and potentially life-ending bodyfat.
...and finally got to live my “happily ever after” reversing all signs of hypertension, diabetes and depression,

All while managing to lose 12 dress sizes and 23 inches off my waist...

...Shrinking from a whopping 42 inches all the way around - down to only 26” inches!
But before all this happened....
I mean, like even before I started gaining all that weight in my mid 20’s...

...that every woman falls victim to the shadowy Metabolic-Villain that forces the 3 hormones that kept you fit, youthful, healthy and happy when you were younger,

To literally funnel floating fat-cells into every single area exposed by your bathing suit.

...all while introducing you to a lifetime struggle with body-image, while locking in your weight-management hormones to “storage-mode”.

And even though none of this our fault because nobody, not even our doctor warns us about this when we’re younger...

Unless of course you are one of the lucky 8% blessed with near-perfect-genetics...

As women we are ALL VICTIMS of this fat-hoarding 30-year sentence...
The one that dismembers your metabolism from the end of puberty all the way through menopause.
However if it wasn’t for that fateful day not-so-long ago...

I could have never discovered these kindergarten-simple “Flavor-Pairing” rituals from a tiny island 6000 miles across the ocean...

...that not only had the power to transform my body -

But bodies and lives of over 16,787 other women just like you, in the last year alone
Because the truth is,

You are literally only one unusual step in an unexpected direction away from knocking over the one big fat-loss domino that’s standing between you and the body you’ve been dreaming of.

Just like Susan did at 53 years old....
Who used a of all things,

A “carb-pairing” ritual to channel a Fat-Flushing Current...

Forcing 48 pounds of fat from her body while allowing her to recover the youthful glow lost in her 20's...

Or even Ladies with once-silent metabolisms

Like Kelly who lost 52 pounds

Using the salty-sweet flavor-pair that revs up fat-burning by over 200%...
Or like other working moms in their 40’s

Like Sarah who melted away even more weight than I did in her first 3 weeks

All by drinking a Metabolism-Reset Tea that pairs 2 savory flavors found in your kitchen cabinet right now.
The best part is,
Not only is this weight-loss doubling method 100%-Biologically-Guaranteed to work for women between the ages of 20-65 years old....
...But it’s 100%-Proven-Safe...
...Because it has been the cornerstone of weight-loss and longevity for the Planet’s Healthiest Country for almost 2 centuries.
Sadly, you’ve never heard of their secret because it’s so closely guarded by their nation’s top gatekeepers.

It wasn’t until a few highly respected doctors and government officials broke their code of silence that I was able to unleash that flood of age-reversing enzymes,

Allowing me to reclaim my body, my energy, my husband
And as you can see here...
I cannot describe what it’s like to actually FEEL something start to work from the moment you start all the way until you lose your very last pound.

...But what I can do –

Is finally empower you with this faced-paced yet easy-to-understand, step-by-step tutorial that I pledge will make your very own Cinderella story come true...

...Starting tonight.
Because trust me,

I know how it is,

I too never planned on:
  • Avoiding my reflection in the mirror at all costs
  • Every attempt at diet and exercise ending up in frustration and rebound weight gain...
  • My favorite clothes ending up in the back of the closet because they don’t fit anymore...
  • Having my libido permanently set to “headache” and my energy levels set to “snooze”...
  • Suffering relentless sugar cravings and senseless mood swings...
  • And scrolling through old pictures on Facebook and asking myself, “what happened to the old me?”
But if you can relate to any of this,

I can tell you with conviction, undeniable proof and love -

That is all about to change for you...
In the next two-and-a-half minutes I promise to reveal the one thing you absolutely must do

To finally achieve jaw-dropping daily results while reclaiming the attention and confidence you’ve been missing out on for so long.
You should be.
After all these failed attempts at weight loss you’ve gotten wiser over the last few years...haven’t you?

And let me tell you something right now –

None of this is your fault.
Because I think by now,
You KNOW the last thing you need or want is another Workout DVD

Or fad-detox some skinny fitness model is raving about on Instagram.


And let’s be honest,

I know you're “just done” with all those point-counting, pill-pushing companies that empty your pockets with proven-to-fail-schemes,
....And I’m with you girl,

I know right now you’re probably saying, “Fat IS the problem”

But hear me out here and follow my words closely:
Up until this moment,

I’m willing to bet that every single weight-loss solution you’ve ever tried

Actually targets “fat-FIRST”...
As women,

We must dig deeper than simply attacking the surface with the same old-school and outdated tactics marketers have recycled for the last 4 decades -

Think about it....
  • The Atkins Diet of the 90’s is now called the “Keto” diet...
  • Today’s P90x is just the digital version of “Buns of Steel” from 20 years ago...
  • Today’s P90x is just the digital version of “Buns of Steel” from 20 years ago...
  • And Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Southbeach and Nutrisystem all found new ways to “glam-up” the sacred-art of counting calories and portion control...
The sad (and very scary) truth is:

Even though you lose the weight at the start using these “fat-first” cardio-saturated rabbit-food diet methods,

You're causing permanent damage to your metabolism, your immune system...

...and especially your vital organs with every pound you lose using these recycled, blunt-force-trauma methods.

Trying to lose weight this way is the same as using sand-paper to take off your makeup each night....

....it’s overkill, it doesn’t make sense and more importantly – IT’S DANGEROUS!

And trust me I know,

Giving in is easy because each one of their million-dollar marketing tactics preys on women like you and I by seducing you with exactly what you want to hear in your most vulnerable moments...
That all ends today.
Because the truth is,

Each time you try these temporary “outside-in” approaches it’s like having razor-sharp thorns poke thousands of tiny holes in your metabolism making it even more pain-staking to lose weight on your next attempt.

It’s not fair and you deserve better!

So let me ask you this,

Doesn’t it make more sense to use a trusted solution that works from the “inside-out” to sync WITH your metabolism in order to ignite your true fat-burning potential,

So YOU TOO can experience the permanent weight-loss victory you deserve?

Today it’s finally time for you to seize control and...
  • Lose weight 6 times faster than today’s most popular commercial diet without counting a single calorie...
  • Look and feel 10-20 years younger by eating the “comfort-food” TV Doctors are getting paid to say is unhealthy...
  • Burn fat faster in female trouble spots by freeing up fat cells for use as “on-demand” energy.
  • Live 22% longer by stacking carbohydrates in a way that actually strengthens your heart while you lose the weight.
  • Achieve the freedom from hunger and food-obsession using a “procrastination-method” used in Alcoholics Anonymous for over 75 years.
  • Find the “golden-window” of when to drink wine and still lose weight by simply using the stopwatch on your smartphone.
And so much more!
And don’t take my word for it,

Look at what women like you are saying about how easy it is to drop weekly dress sizes by doing the exact opposite of what they’ve tried in the past:
Women like Jenna who just wrote me saying:
And Carol-Anne who just left a voice message saying:
I promise by the time you and I are done here today,

You will have every single piece of information needed to join the growing army of women who have already lost over 540,000 pounds in the last 11 months alone!
Actually take a second right now and imagine,

The feeling of going to bed tonight knowing you have found the last weight loss solution you will ever need…

Feels pretty nice right?

And after all this time - That’s the peace-of-mind you deserve!
I’m just sooooo excited,

For you to knock over that one “metabolic-domino” sitting inside you right now with the power to unleash a fat-loss cascade,

And finally kick-start your natural fat burning systems into overdrive for 22 hours a day...

....so you too can look back at the big, beautiful confidence-soaked smile that’s been missing from your mirror for years now.
Instead of continuing avoid your reflection at all costs LIKE I USED TO....

And girl - before we get into this,

You need to know that none of this is your fault.
I can tell you right now -
  • It’s NOT because you are “too old” or “too far gone”...
  • And It’s NOT because you’re undisciplined or unwilling to “put in the work”...
If a 40 year old working mother like me can lose control of their body like this,

And then get it back like this.

So can anybody.
Especially YOU!
As a woman who deserves that fairy-tale life you dreamed of when you were younger....

It’s now time to empower yourself a solution designed for women,

By a women who was put on this planet to help women like you reclaim control of their body and life they deserve...
If a 40 year old working mother like me can lose control of their body like this,

And then get it back like this.

So can anybody.
Especially YOU!
As a woman who deserves that fairy-tale life you dreamed of when you were younger....

It’s now time to empower yourself a solution designed for women,

By a women who was put on this planet to help women like you reclaim control of their body and life they deserve...
Are you with me?
Alright first off,

I was never one of those skinny girls who eats whatever she wants while still looking perfect in every picture she posts on Facebook.
Far from it!
As you can see from these pictures,

I’ve always had a turtle-slow metabolism combined with wacky-hair and a complexion that looked like I washed my face with a pork-chop each morning.
I’ve always had a turtle-slow metabolism,

Combined with wacky-hair and a complexion that looked like I washed my face with a pork-chop each morning.
I guess you could call me the original “ugly duckling”.
Luckily these battles with weight and body image inspired me to open my own special-place devoted to those looking to reclaim the health, happiness and confidence that had abandoned them so long ago.

Pretty soon after opening my first weight loss center a “buzz” began to circle around the city...
...The word was getting out about my ability to arm people with the tools needed to free themselves from the bodies that had held them hostage for so long.

Pretty soon one location became a few…

…and a couple of clients,


Awards, national interviews, speaking engagements...

Everyone wanted to know the secret behind my weight loss formulas and famous, “body re-imaging” formulas.
I cannot tell you how rewarding it is

To actually find your calling

By doing the very thing you were put on this planet to do.
But then, just when it seemed like everything was going according to plan,

Something happened...

...It was like my metabolism began to pack its bags and leave town along with my energy, youth, libido and my confidence.

You know how it is – You barely notice it happening....

The weight just seems to sneak onto your body one ounce at a time -

Slowly inflating your hips and thighs while deflating your courage and confidence.

I was working a lot and raising a family so instead of watching what I ate and spending hours exercising,

I bought bigger clothes and avoided the beach and pools at all costs.

My libido had diminished into a dull-lit flame while my confidence and energy evaporated -

Near the end I couldn’t even play with my daughter without getting tired...

At this point, I just felt like a fraud.

...I knew I was failing myself, but the worst part was letting down the clients, family and friends who depended on me.
Each little failure was like a hot blade T W I S T I N G away at my self-esteem.
Each little failure was like a hot blade
T W I S T I N G away at my self-esteem.
One afternoon, as I sat in the bathroom stall, I overheard two clients talking about me.

I knew I wasn’t looking my best but I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard,

“How can she call herself a professional with that gut hanging over her pants...talk about a horrible example”.
-- TWIST --
Then “Play-Dough-Tummy-Mummy” became the character most featured in the artwork my daughter brought home from school.
-- TWIST --
“Congratulations!” shouted my neighbor across the street praising me for my non-existent pregnancy.

(P.S. that wasn’t the only time that happened buuuuut, I’ll take some of the blame since I had recently busted out my maternity clothes from when I was pregnant.)
-- TWIST --
And it felt like that blade broke off inside of me when the doctor said...
“You’ll soon be adding diabetes to your hypertension and endometriosis if you keep up with these reckless eating habits.....”
Before I could tell him that I was eating healthy and trying to exercise he showed me a vile of salmon-colored liquid....

“Just look at your blood – All those fatty triglycerides coagulating your veins and arteries have literally TURNED YOUR BLOOD PINK!”
Shame quickly turned to fear as he blamed ME for everything....
...Instead of condemning the proven “evolutionary-disconnect” that women like you and I have zero control over.
See, at the time I had no clue that my body was making the metabolism-paralyzing transition that happens to all women after puberty to prepare the body for childbearing over the next 30 years.
The truth is,

200,000 years of evolution have conditioned the female body to alter your hormones at different stages of your life,

So you too can build a human being with your body.

And that’s a big deal.
However soon after,
Those “3 Queens” start acting more like “Evil Step Mothers” after puberty all the way through menopause by continuously cycling your body for pregnancy each and every month.
  • First, Insulin who used to be your “skinny-hormone” keeping you slender, makes it almost impossible for you to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Then, your “Happy-hormone”, Cortisol transitions to your “Anxiety-Stress-Depression & Sadness (for no reason) Hormone”.
  • Finally your “Pretty-Hormone”, Estrogen that kept you wrinkle-free, toned and energized soon causes age spots, loose skin and cellulite.
This is simply your body switching from
“find-a-mate” mode to “procreate” mode.

And because it’s our job as women to carry on the human race,

We end up building bodies that look great for making and protecting our babies...

....and not so good for the beach and little black dresses.

And listen,
I know your goal in life is to be more than some baby-making machine,

But from a biological standpoint,
The female body only cares about two things:
1. Staying Alive and,
2. Making More Lives
Think about it,
Your body is literally designed to build a bigger, warmer and softer environment to help you create the next generation of humans.

So that’s why when you use traditional diets, exercise and pills that treat the problem from the outside-in,

You are actually fighting ongoing losing battle against 200,000 years of evolution,

While damaging your hormones and dismantling your metabolism with every pound you lose.

That’s why as soon as you stop dieting or working out,

Your body starts to gain all the weight back almost immediately while punishing you with headaches, depression, irregular periods and poor sleep.
Sound familiar?
That’s your body literally saying,
“I don’t think so Missy!”
This is all beginning to make sense, isn’t it?
All those diets that have you counting points, carbs and portions that force intense cravings and binge-eating actually damage your insulin causing uncontrollable weight gain, insulin resistance and diabetes.
And it’s these high-intensity routines, DVD’s and grueling fitness classes that actually skyrocket cortisol levels doing irreversible damage to your joints while creating microscopic scars on your heart.
And please don’t tell me you've thrown your money at commercial weight loss clinics like Weight Watchers, Dr Berstein -
I know they work for a little bit but 92% of us gain the weight back while priming estrogen levels for constant headaches, irregular periods and endometriosis along with ovarian, breast and cervical cancers.
Now again,
The last thing I want to do today is scare you.
In fact, the opposite is true....
My duty is to empower you with the information needed stop bringing yourself closer to death with every pound you lose with these lethal quick-fix solutions....

...And start living the energy-infused, confidence-saturated life inside the slender and youthful body you deserve while creating a fortress of immunity against disease and depression.

So let me ask you this....

Doesn’t it make more sense to use a method that gently syncs with your weight-loss hormones...

...by reinvigorating their ability to burn fat at maximum levels WHILE building your defences against disease and illness?

Makes sense right?!

Because the fact is,

If someone like me dealing with hypertension and pre-diabetes while raising a toddler working 12-hour days can lose the weight...
But the sad thing is,

Even though helping so many women from around the world,

and actually being a part of all these victories is so rewarding,

This video... this whole movement...

....almost never happened.

You see,

On that fateful day when I hit the floor,

I was experiencing a deadly storm of hormonal-dysfunction that nearly stole everything I had.
As blood tests would later reveal,
  • My Insulin levels were at rock-bottom from the last 2 weeks of low-carb dieting, and my Estrogen levels were through the roof
  • As it turns out, fat cells – which I had a lot of - have a knack for not only producing more estrogen, but grasping onto it and letting it fester inside your body as well
But in the end,

The doctor said what actually pushed me over the edge
Was that reflection of the obese woman staring back at me in the mirror that morning.

You see, my stress hormone, Cortisol, was already a deadly boiling point...

... From the constant worrying, excessive cardio, stress and lack of sleep...

However it was the image of MYSELF whom I barely recognized, who I was so ashamed of,

that rocketed my blood-pressure through the roof causing what the doctor called a “PULMONARY embolism”.

Combined with the off-the-charts insulin and estrogen that so many of us are suffering from without even knowing it,

It’s so scary to think that we’re all just one stressful experience

away from a mini-stroke like mine...
Or a seizure....
Or a heart attack...
Or even worse.
Looking back, I’m actually one of the lucky ones.

Because it’s no wonder that one of us dies every 20 seconds from diseases tied to our weight .

And that day,

I was especially lucky

Because my husband managed to get me to the hospital in record time.
Hours later I woke up like it any other day....tired, achy and hungry.

The only difference was that I was in a hospital bed attached to a heart monitor with tubes running in and out of me.

Even worse, that big ol’ bum of mine couldn’t even break my fall because as I’d later find out,

I had 2 bruised vertebrae in my lower back.

Then with my eyes barley open, I could see my husband and the doctor talking by my feet, still thinking that I was still asleep.
And really, because we had been so distant with each other lately,

It was no surprise that my husband didn’t notice that I had woken up...

...“You’re lucky she’s here” said the doctor.

I listened to the new list of medications I was getting

Along with a “Medically Prescribed” weight loss plan consisting of the same old low-carb, low-fun lots of exercise rules and regulations.

Yay for me :(

“But sir, I’m going to be extremely blunt with you here....” whispered the doctor...

For your family’s sake, please get your wife’s affairs in order because she’s literally only a couple of pounds or months away from....well, I don’t have to tell you... "
The beeps on the heart monitor began to increase....
“The truth is,

Her growing resistance to insulin has damaged her ability to manage blood sugar levels.”

“The stress of all this combined with the excess weight is now forcing her body to pump-out ridiculous amounts of estrogen and cortisol....

....so at this point I don’t know what we need to worry about more...

....cancer, diabetes or a heart attack.”
My heart monitor began to race.

Finally my husband looked over and realized that I was awake.
To my shock I realized that tears were streaming down his face.

For the first time ever in my life
I saw my husband cry.
He had watched me struggle with my weight for years,

But it was the threat of losing me while becoming a single-widowing-father that pushed him over the edge.

Then, wiping away the tears with one hand while clutching mine with the other,

He revealed a look of calm-determination on his face.
As his grip grew tighter he looked into my eyes and whispered in my ear...
“You will be there to watch me walk our daughter down the aisle one day,

“And you’re going to look just as gorgeous as the day I met you.”

The heart monitor slowed...

“You and I BOTH know that this extra weight, the hypertension...
"...All of this is not your fault
and I think we both know how I'm going to get my wife back"
That was the moment
everything changed.
That alone got my attention but what really took my breath away
were the statistics that backed up these claims from Worlds Most Respected Health Authority:
Japanese women live to an astonishing average of 87-years-old,

A record number that has continued to climb since the 1960’s.
  • That’s over 10 years longer than we get to live here... 10 YEARS!
Can you imagine getting an extra decade on this planet with your loved ones?
But the Japanese were also named the most “Disease-Resistant” & “Happiest” country as well. These women had uncommonly low rates of dementia, depression, heart attacks and strokes.
So not only were they living longer,
  • But for the last half-century, their quality of life was dominating ours as well.
As I’d later find out,

The Japanese had made one simple “alteration” to their eating habits 62 years ago.

And it was this subtle,

Yet profound adjustment that super-charged their immune systems
  • With the unique hormonal-synergy needed to produce “Warrior-Antibodies”
That actually fought tooth-and-nail against disease and obesity.
Here, most of us are so sick already without even knowing it...

...that our bodies willingly, invite disease to set-up-shop suffocating, dismantling and killing our ability to fight at all.

I had to raise an eyebrow when I read this next part...

The study revealed that Japanese women are on average 42 pounds lighter than American women!
The study revealed that Japanese women are on average 42 pounds lighter than American women!
That’s right...

While our obesity rate dominated 75% of our population last year,

Japan’s obesity rate remained almost non-existent.

How could that be...

How could one country be the most disease-resistant,

Longest-living, happiest and SKINNIEST country all at once.

And don’t worry I was just as shocked as you are right now when I saw these numbers!

Naturally, like you,

I wanted to find out “Why” and more importantly “How” but there was one problem,

As I scrolled down my phone for the answer, the article simply ended!

It was over.

Just statistics and no reason “why” or even a hint of “how-to” information....

Take a second to picture yourself at the theatre watching the best movie of your entire life,

Knuckles deep in the most delicious bag of popcorn ever....

Then imagine the power goes out and someone steals your popcorn...

It was like that...kind of.

I knew the solution had to be hiding somewhere...
And to be honest,

I prayed selfishly that the answer had nothing to do with Japan’s climate or unique DNA because I wasn’t about to move to Japan and I definitely wasn’t Japanese.

I was desperate to uncover the reason these women living such long, ultra-healthy, happy and almost superhuman lives.

And not just for myself,

But for the millions of weight-loss-resistant women here in North America who were grasping at straws to get their old life back just like I was.
Now before I go any further and reveal exactly how these women live longer, healthier, more slender and happier lives...
I have a guilty confession to make...
Maybe you know what it’s like to sit on the edge of your bed and pray for a miracle to just take the weight away like I used to do.

If that’s the case,

I’m betting those prayers have gone answered.

Well... so did mine.
The truth is,

I had secretly opened a bank account to save up for liposuction surgery in an attempt answer my own prayers.

For over 2 years I had been squirreling away every dime for the $11000-dollar surgery.
That day in the hospital I revealed the plan to my husband,

And even though I was only $500 bucks away from the goal ...
Instead of taking the easy-way-out
And walking into the plastic surgeon’s office
To have the fat sucked out of me...
...I walked into the Bio-Nutrition Research Laboratory at my local university with a check for 10,500 dollars in my hand.
That day my liposuction money helped fund a team devoted to cracking what we would later refer to as the “Japan-Code”.

For 6 months straight we devoured every piece of information we could find

While conducting over 75 interviews with the world’s most respected doctors, scientists, government officials and endocrinologists.

And even though many of them were reluctant,

Some empathized with my situation along with the epidemic that had hold of a continent 6000 miles away.
It turns out that Shoku-Iku
(which translates to Nutrition Architecture)
Is a set of guidelines, broken down into extremely simple food and flavor-pairing rituals.

The primary goal of each pairing was to create
“hormonal and metabolic balance to promote health, well-being, strength and happiness from within”.
As I mentioned before, here we do the exact opposite.

The scientists explained that in North America we literally try to “attack” obesity, disease and depression from the outside

With what they called “Shotgun-Approaches” like the diets, exercise routines and pills we’re all used to.
Back In 1966, as the fast-food craze hit America...
...The Japanese Government instead passed laws

To make their “wellness from within” Flavor-Pairing Rituals and Shoku-Iku, the country’s mandatory Nutritional Platform.

So while we quickly became the fattest, sickest and unhealthiest country on the planet,

The Japanese just kept losing weight while living longer, happier more fulfilling lives,

All because of a simple, yet metabolically explosive set of Flavor-Pairing rituals they adopted over 50 years ago.
And that’s what really gave me peace of mind that flavor-pairing was the key to unlocking the female fat-loss code...
  • ...This wasn’t some pill being concocted in a lab or “get-skinny-by-yesterday” diet dreamed up by some TV doctor...
  • ...Without any long term testing to see if it actually worked or more importantly, if it was safe.
  • This was 50 years of proof combined with 2 billion people living leaner, healthier longer lives.
And did I mention that Japanese women consume more carbohydrates than any other country as well?!?!

In fact,

They eat almost double the carbs we eat here!

(more on that in a second.)

From there we began to examine other nations that topped the list for “Healthiest Countries” like Spain, Switzerland and Australia.

The team and I dug deep to uncover their secrets for living these ultra-healthy, lean and long-lasting lives

Focusing specifically on weight loss and how they actually maintain such lean and slender figures.

Pretty soon a shocking pattern began to emerge…

The women who lost weight the fastest and those who were able to maintain such desirable life-long figures

Free from the stress of and guaranteed failure of dieting,

All practiced simple rituals that paired the right foods and flavors throughout their day.
Were almost unheard of in their countries...
  • THEY DID NOT do any boring cardio or high intensity exercise
  • THEY DID NOT have to eat bland food or starve themselves
  • THEY DID NOT spend money on expensive pills or supplements
  • THEY DID NOT spend hours in the gym or counting calories
Instead the cutting-edge research proved:
We were shocked because even though these simple, zero-cost rituals
had been undeniably proven,
We had never seen the indisputable evidence until now…

It turns out there’s a despicable reason for hiding the key to unlocking the female fat-loss code…

It’s the same reason you haven’t heard about it from those TV doctors, social media weight-loss gurus, fat-loss infomercials or even your own doctor…
The truth is simple...
Our government can’t tax easy fat-doubling rituals and pharmaceutical

And supplement companies can’t make money off a simple flavor pairing trick that signals around-the-clock weight loss!

Because these strategies cost only pennies-a-day and are so extremely simple...

...The weight-loss industry wants to keep them locked away and buried.

And if you lose the weight extremely fast, like you will this time, they can’t hook you with another fad-approach...

...that kills your dreams and empties you and your families pockets yet again.
From there,
THE MOMENT we finalized the World’s Top 11 Weight Loss Doubling, FLAVOR PAIRING Rituals,

I decided to empower myself by taking action that afternoon...

Not next Monday...

Not tomorrow...

That very same day.

I am a strong believer the most successful and empowered women on the planet are ACTION TAKERS.

With all the distractions and negative influences pulling and preying on you from every direction,

It can be easy to talk yourself out of making choices and following paths

Having the ability to change your life in the most profound ways possible.

But because I was still extremely busy with work and family

And with my energy tank running on fumes,

I decided to use only the 4 rituals that fit into my lifestyle the best.
And In only 30 minutes,
Any skepticism was erased when I was starting to notice subtle, yet immediate changes.
Admittedly I was experiencing a mild headache but it actually gave me peace-of-mind...

Because as the lead scientist from our research team told me:
“Any small headaches or minor discomfort in the first few hours confirms your inflammation enzymes and fat cells are being mobilized for elimination.”
The good news is
By about 3pm that mild-headache slowly transitioned to a slight euphoric feeling...
I knew I had more energy, but my 24-hour brain-fog had disappeared and a happy-calm began to infuse my entire body.

On top of that,

I really couldn’t even exercise yet because I still had a bruised vertebrae in my back from the fall,

.....So I just continued using only 4 of my favorite flavor-pairing rituals for the next couple days.
As you can see, I didn’t ever have to deprive myself of the foods I loved...

And that sundress, that used to encase my body up like saran-wrap
...was already starting to get super loose by the end of the week.

And even though I felt like I was actually shrinking,
I just chalked it up to the fact that all the bloating and puffiness had disappeared by the second day.
So despite being terrified of the scale at this point,
On day 12, I summoned the courage to hop on.
What happened next shocked even myself….
I thought the scale might be wrong but then people started noticing the changes.

Not just in my weight...

...but in my focus at work and confidence around others.

One night when I was out for dinner a friend asked,
“How are you losing all this weight and still drinking wine?”

I thought to myself,

“All this weight?”

Is it really that noticeable?
So the next morning after that night of dinner and drinks I decided to weigh in again to see what was really happening…

…Part of me was still expecting the painful defeat of gaining the weight back like I did in the past.

To my amazement I had lost 26 pounds!!!

This new little habit of mine was working…and it was working FAST.
Not only was I eating almost double the food and carbs than I had while dieting in the past,

But I was still able to eat my favorite cheat-foods and I was never hungry, or exhausted like how you feel on a diet.

And then I realized...

And then I realized...
"This isn't a diet at all!"
This was all confirmed only a couple weeks later when my family
doctor revealed the results of my latest round of blood tests.
This was all confirmed only a couple weeks later when my family doctor revealed the results of my latest round of blood tests.

Remember the doctor who showed me a vial of my pink-blood

And then condemned me by saying that it was all because of my “reckless eating habits”...

...that guy.

So even though I wasn’t a fan of his “bedside manner” I went in anyway and sat nervously in his office...


He said with a puzzled look on his face that combined shock and maybe even a hint of attraction...

....And I have to say...
...And I have to say...
I looked darn good that day.
I was wearing my favorite skinny-jeans that hadn’t seen the light of day since the Bush Administration.


I was walking around with a certain “glow” because my husband

(who now couldn’t keep his hands off me)

Had kept me in bed for an extra hour that Morning.

It really does do something to your self-confidence

When you feel your man take you in his arms and lift you up like it’s nothing at all.
And with all the money I was saving from cancelling my gym membership

And not buying those expensive weight loss pills,

I was able to treat myself to a new hair-cut, facial and massage.
"INVINCIBLE" doesn't do justice to the way I was feeling that day...
I know, I know...

Enough about me,

But as a woman,

You KNOW that these little wins count,

And I need you to realize that you’re literally only 1 step away from experiencing some of these same little victories
Alright, so anyway, in the end,

The blood tests revealed that my once plaque-spackled heart was running on all cylinders and the threat of diabetes was long gone,

I was able to trash that giant box of meds and my daily depression had turned into a feeling of fearlessness every morning when I opened my eyes.

Aaaaand before I knew it,
And I’ll tell you right now,
Once you hit your own weight loss goal,
That 20, 30, 40 or even 100 pounds,
It Just feels like an “added bonus” compared to knowing that you’ve just bought yourself extra time on this planet with your friends and family.

However, how you feel about that lady you see staring back you in the mirror each morning can be pretty powerful,

So I should give you a glimpse of what you too can expect when the weight just starts falling off...
Starting tonight!
I lost 6 dress sizes and every pair of pants with an “XL” or “L” were in the garbage.

Even my most embarrassing trouble spot... my butt and legs... went from shameful, to shameless!

Friends couldn’t even believe the pictures until they saw the tattoos matched :)

Every outfit I tried on fit perfectly, hugging all-the-right-curves in all-the-right-places...

Do you know how good that feels?
You will!
Because pairing the right flavors and foods together
Actually signals your body to use your most ample “storage-zones”
As it’s “first-choice fuel source”.

My “after pictures” went viral across the internet inspiring so many women across the world struggling with body image.

Messages from ladies started coming in by the thousands asking,

“How did you do it?”, and if I could help them!

Women who had tried everything.

Even women who had horrible genetics, shattered metabolisms, hypothyroidism

And even women whose gastric-bypass surgeries that failed them...
I sent out the 2 step Flavor-Pairing guide to “weight-loss-resistant” women across the planet
The response over the next month was nothing short of incredible…
  • I witnessed women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s eliminate their belly-fat while reducing symptoms and medications related to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in record time.
  • Without fail, each and every woman who followed the stress-free rituals I am about to show you lost weight every single day.
  • The results were so amazing that these weight loss success stories were being shared across social media in the thousands…
Just looking at these stories makes me so emotional,
...Thinking about all the women still struggling to lose
weight when the true solution is actually
so simple, so safe, and so effective.
Even though the female metabolism is hardwired to fail after 20 years-old,

It turns out that we are all only a simple step away from re-igniting our female fat loss hormones.

And I know it seems impossible

Because the billion-dollar weight loss industry focuses on selling you quick-fix products that treat fat-first.

But as you now know,

They ignore the actual reason our hormones force weight gain in the first place,

Causing rebound fat-hoarding and failed attempt after failed attempt…
Just like you,

I’ve sat there with my head in my hands ready to give up because of it…
But I’ve got good news for you if you are a woman
Who refuses to give up and finally start living
your very own Cinderella Story inside
The Cinderella Solution offers an easy to start, simple-to-follow cure using Flavor-Pairing rituals that hit the “reset-switch” on your metabolisms 3 key fat-burning hormones; Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen

the product is digital and the images are for visualization only
Our research that spans 60 years of proof, Combined with the results from 10’s of 1000’s of women across the globe have already proven that ladies like you are only step away from signalling a supercharged fat-loss doubling effect within your body.
If you want to watch the fat float off your body in the next 3 weeks,
you simply need to re-ignite and re-align your 3 fat burning hormones to create a
fat burning domino effect from the inside out.
And even though it may not feel like it right now,
Your body is biologically craving this permanent change
Consider this...
Do you think your heart really wants to be working overtime,
pumping all that additional blood, to that extra fat that's taken your body hostage?
Do you think it's good for your brain when it's flooded with depression molecules EVERY TIME you see an old picture of yourself 20, 30, or 40 pounds lighter?
Do you think it's wise to keep spending money on the flawed "fat-first" schemes systematically designed to actually make you gain back every pound you lose?
Why do you think the average woman spends over $65,000 dollars on weight loss during her lifetime?

It’s because the guys in suits,

-the puppet masters of the weight loss industry- are all literally “banking on you”
to fail so you can come back for more.

And as far as I am concerned,

They’re all pocket-book vampires that suck away everything except for the fat itself.
So why not give your body and your bank account what its craving by using a pennies-a-day weight loss ritual backed by scientific law that holds your hand from start-to-finish while you quickly reveal the body you’ve been dreaming about for so long?
...is only possible if you are using a proven plan
That actually works WITH the unique female metabolism to signal
Immediate, Long-Lasting, Fat-Elimination.
The best part is you don't have to wait
to start losing the weight...
You'll be able to download and access Cinderella in seconds on any device.
No clunky books, pills, calorie calculators or equipment to drag around with you...

Instead you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips laid out for you whenever you need it in the simplest terms,

So you’ll know exactly what to do every day

Without feeling confused for a single second…
This time,
Isn’t it reassuring to know that you will be in full control at all times
So you can start experiencing breakthrough results on-demand Starting tonight?
You should feel comforted by the fact that:
  • In the next few hours, you could be using the “The Cinderella P.M. Fat-Flush Tea” so you too can start losing weight by the time your head hits the pillow this evening!
  • You’ll will begin to experience how fast the weight floats off your body when you start pairing the two, “in-your-cupboard-right-now”dessert spices that trick insulin into using cheat-meal carbs for energy instead of fat storage!
  • It’s time to finally discover the common “diet foods” you need to stop eating immediately, so you can unclog the weight-loss-traffic-jam happening inside you right now.

    HINT: Doctors describe this as the number-one reason women specifically hit plateaus... and by the way, don't worry. We'll have all that fixed in the next 48 hours!
  • You'll have access to the "Time-Machine Trick" that anyone with at least a 5th grade education can use to bring back the same clear and vibrant skin you had as a teenager (BTW: This same trick rebs up the dial on mood, happiness and well-being to an 11!)
  • Most astonishingly, you’ll have immediate access to the taste-filled carb-pairing habits that actually target the embarrassing female problem areas you want to banish most desperately.....
And again, this is due to the fact that the plan focuses on resetting your 3 key female fat-loss hormones FIRST-

So you can watch the weight disappear from trouble spots like:

“Back-fat”, “Cottage-cheese” thighs and the dreaded “Muffin top”.

So you can watch the weight disappear from trouble spots like “Back-fat”, “Cottage-cheese” thighs and the dreaded “Muffin top”.
(Speaking of cottage cheese and muffins –
You DON’T have to choke back cottage cheese this time
And you DO get to eat MOST delicious fat-burning muffin RECIPES YOU’VE EVER TASTED!
You only get one body and one life
and you deserve to have the fairy-tale ending that so many of my “Cinderella success stories” have already experienced...
You too can use the 2 simple tricks that promote shocking increases in bone-density without ever picking up a heavy set of weights, while pumping-up collagen production and skin elasticity - WITHOUT EVER going under the knife .
....Such as Women in their late 40’s and 50’s and even 60’s
like Beth, Cheryl and Kathy who turned back the clock by saying NEVER AGAIN to the fad diets that actually speed up the ageing process...
.....and said “YES PLEASE” to Cinderella’s proven Flavor-Pairing rituals that finally confirm that “age” is really just a number.
All it took for them was the “Secret Serotonin Surge” that Japanese mom’s use to increase happy hormones in the brain while delivering a metabolic spike that as you can see, flattened their tummy’s in record time.
Or even Cinderella Super Moms like Heather, Debbie and Lisa whose hormones were clinically dismantled after multiple pregnancies...
...Only to find out that the reason they were tired, grumpy and hungry all the time

Was the exact same reason they couldn’t lose the baby weight...
And of course women like me who thought they were just “too far gone” because they had over 50 pounds to lose.

Whether it was a diabetes diagnosis or that constant feeling of hopelessness, women like Kristie, Wendy and Melanie were able to prove their doctors wrong and shock their friends and family by using Cinderella’s “Weight-Loss Auto-Pilot” strategy after they lost their first 10 pounds.
These are just some of the women who reclaimed control over their body and started living their dreams by doing the OPPOSITE of what they had tried in the past.
The future you and the future of female fat loss is the Cinderella Solution.
But before you go any further, once again I must be completely honest with you…

….As effective as The Cinderella Solution is, it is not one of those fads that promises 15 pounds in 3 days.

I have built my reputation and track record of success with women like you by being totally 100% honest from day one

And if you’re looking for another maple-syrup and cayenne pepper cleanse, thigh-master, or “ab-vibrator” gimmick you see on TV,

The Cinderella Solution is not for you.

Cinderella is only for women who are looking for the everlasting and proven answer to transform their body.

A completely scientific, yet logical, so-simple-to-use-solution that works hard for you…

Instead of you working hard.

And after seeing the shocking pictures of the real-life results this system delivers,
You may be thinking that a solution like this is unaffordable...
...And even if you are ready to invest whatever-it-takes to finally lose the weight, you won’t have to….
My goal in life is to help as many women on this planet, before I leave this planet, one Cinderella Success Story at a time. And the truth is,

I’m so excited because I know in my heart that The Cinderella Solution is going to help me take giant steps towards this goal.

And even though you know I’ve already invested thousands of my own money for the research, design and testing of the Cinderella Solution –

Don’t worry about it...

...Remember, this is what I’m most passionate about

So I just want to make it as affordable as I can for every woman who needs it.

I originally considered giving the entire system away for $187 dollars…

Which is less than the price my coaches and I charge for two 60-minute coaching sessions.

I thought that by charging the same amount for a lifetime of weight loss satisfaction as I do for only hours of my own time,

Was a great deal..

But my goal of:

“Helping as many women as humanly possible”

Kept ringing in my ears…
Plus I’m sensitive to the fact that you’ve already invested in all those hoax-quick-fixes that took your money and left you worse off than when you started.
With that said,
I’m going to issue you a sort of
“Reimbursement” on their behalf....
So for today, I’m going to give action-taker women like yourself a $100+ Credit to get started.

Bringing the total cost down to $87, which is already our lowest price ever!

But because you've read this page and given me some of your precious time...

I'm not even going to ask you to invest $87 dollars...
...Remember what I said about how important all those ‘little-wins’ are along the way?
Well I want to be able to give you your first one
Right Now!
For today only, as long as this page is up (and not a moment longer)
I’m going take another 50 dollars off!
And set YOUR PRICE for “The Cinderella Solution” at just ONE single payment of $37
July 20, 2024
For today only, as long as this page is up (and not a moment longer)
I’m going take another 50 dollars off!
So finally,
Do yourself, your family and your future a favor and hit the “YES! Order Now” button
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the product is digital and the images are for visualization only
Oh and by the way I almost forgot to mention
-and I know you’re in a hurry to get started so I’ll make it quick-
As an added
The Team and I are going to simply give you the
Brand New Cinderella Accelerator Package as well,

the product is digital and the images are for visualization only
Remember, at one time I was in the same place you at this very moment,
so I can totally empathize with everything you’ve gone through up to this point.

Like I mentioned before, I sat there next to my bed each night and prayed desperately for the fat to come off,
Hoping that I could just wave a magic wand and the weight would vanish before I opened my eyes the next morning.

And you’re a smart lady, I'm not going to stand here and tell you that I can do that...
But I can give you the next best thing... for free.
"Accelerator" is the perfect addition to the Cinderella Solution for women who want to lose weight even faster and sells on Amazon for $150 dollars...

But you're not going to pay a single cent, as long as this page remains on your screen today.
Over the last year we conducted a case study on our most successful Cinderella Success Stories... the ladies who lost weight the fastest.

It seems like these ladies were doing something that gave their metabolisms a head start in the first 3 weeks that forces accelerated weight loss during those 21 days.

It took a lot of time and money to build this because we actually asked 200 women to complete the program while documenting which flavor-pairing rituals they used most often along with every single meal they ate during their transformation.

From there our team zeroed in on the top 50 ladies who lost the maximum amount of weight in the safest and shortest time possible.
In the end we were left with a streamlined Fat-Loss Master Plan that not only Accelerates results over the first 3 weeks, but creates a metabolic slingshot that speeds up results over the first 3 weeks, but creates a metabolic slingshot that speeds up results throughout the rest of your transformation as well.
Because "Accelerator" uses the most effective and easy to prepare fat-loss meals that are proven to work for all women, you won't feel guilty that you're losing all this weight by taking a shortcut that allows you to quickly speed down the road that rapidly reveals the brand-new slender, youthful and empowered you.
And along with the Accelerator 21-Day Kickstart, today I'm also including the Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book as well!
Originally our success stories didn't do any formal exercise during their weight loss journey. I knew first hand that most women didn't have the time or energy to exercise.

Plus most workouts cater to a man’s higher testosterone level, which effects your unique female hormonal-system negatively completely ruining your results.
It wasn’t until my team and I created a method designed to complement the female metabolism that we started using Movement Sequencing workouts to fast-track results.

Although it’s not necessary to exercise on your Cinderella weight-loss journey, these short 8-minute AT-HOME workouts are only for women who want to lose weight even faster!
... Trust me, when you look in the mirror and see your softest trouble areas begin to disappear like never before, you'll know what I'm talking about!
…or you are just sick-and-tired of not being able to achieve the body of your dreams and want to get there as fast as possible!
It’s up to you.
You can choose to lose weight fast
And remember, even though everyone else has paid $150 or more for the Cinderella Accelerator System on Amazon, I'm just going to include this entire bonus pack for free!
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With the "Glass-Slipper-Guarantee" my goal is to eliminate all your self-doubt by just asking you to say "MAYBE" to the Cinderella Solution today.

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That's why there's absolutely no risk in just saying "Maybe" by pressing the Add to Cart button today.

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And don't forget, you'll always have access to myself and the 24-hour customer support team if you ever have any questions or concerns there's always be somebody there. in your corner, whenever you need us, day or night!

I’m so excited for you to get started and just remember,

The clock is ticking and it is now time for you to seize back control once and for all by securing, what I vow to you will be very last weight loss solution you’ll ever need .
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I too old for this to work?
Definitely not!
It has worked wonders for women in their 30's, 40's, 50's, all the way up to people in their late 60's.

That's because the low-impact Movement Sequencing™ workouts gently influence weight-loss and are completely optional, so you don't even have to use them when you start to experience great results.

On top of that, the bonus Quick Start Guide will show you 2 key Flavor-Pairing™ rituals that will have you feeling 10 years younger in your first week!
Do I need a bunch of fitness machines, a gym membership, or a fridge full of diet products to get started?
No way!
Just a pair of lightweight dumbbells and you don't have to buy any special diet products or weird foods to get started. Simply follow your easy to use, pre-made calendars, complete with delicious recipes an watch the weight float away.

BTW - don't spend any money on useless gym memberships, and if you have one already, cancel it and save some dollars! Your optional workouts have been designed so you can watch your trouble spots disappear in the comfort of your own home.
What happens after I click the "Add To Cart" button?
Well the short answer is - you'll have taken your first-step towards becoming a Cinderella Success Story :)

However, immediately after hitting the "Add To Cart" button below, you'll be taken to our 100% secure order form page. Simply enter in your information, and you will receive instant access to the full Cinderella Solution Female Weight Loss System, along with your bonuses.

Remember, this is a one time-investment so you'll never be billed again and you can download all the books and videos to as many devices as you like. This way you can access the system on your computer, tablet, and/or phone, whenever you want.
I have a slow metabolism / a slow thyroid / diabetes / heart disease... can this system still work for me?
Although not designed to treat any of these problems, many Cinderella Success Stories, including myself, have experienced improvements in relation to many diseases and ailments.

Remember, this system is not just deisgned to "lose weight" - it is engineered to promote rapid, yet safe weight loss by using tactics that heal from the inside out.
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